Groove along to the latest Speak Easy Circus tune, ‘Sewn Up’

Glaswegian experimental indie/funk four-piece, Speak Easy Circus are completely electrifying the music scene with their brand-new track, ‘Sewn Up’.

‘Sewn Up’ is a love letter to frontman Jack Avison’s favourite pair of jeans, which ripped and left him broken-hearted. As a result of this, Avison was inspired to learn how to sew and has continued to stitch up his damaged clothes ever since. The song is a celebration of sewing whilst also posing a crucial question: why isn’t sewing encouraged more in our society? A pretty relevant message given the current emphasis on sustainable fashion!

Described by the band as “heavy on the horns and heavy on the funk”, ‘Sewn Up’ is a real breath of fresh air that has you hooked from the very first note. This is not your average indie tune, this is so much more. Seamlessly blending elements of rock, funk, jazz, soul and punk, ‘Sewn Up’ forms a super unique, funky and fresh sound. Fans of Vulfpeck, Snarky Puppy and the like will absolutely adore this track.

We just couldn’t resist grooving, moving and toe-tapping along to ‘Sewn Up’. Do yourselves a favour and get listening, we promise you’ll be doing the same!

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Twitter: @speakeasycircus

Instagram: @speakeasycircusband

Facebook: Speak Easy Circus

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