Review: ‘Done’ by Sam Handy

Hailing from Reading, singer-songwriter Sam Handy is truly killing the game with his brand-new single, ‘Done’.

Handy describes the track as one about moving on from a toxic relationship and building resilience from that experience. ‘Done’ is undoubtedly the perfect, feel-good breakup anthem that you will lift you up from those breakup blues and provide you with a glimmer of hope for better things to come.

The song’s groovy and soulful sound is comparable to that of Tom Misch, Bruno Mars and D’Angelo. It’s a real struggle to sit still when you’re listening to this track, your head will be nodding and your toes will be tapping. Also, believe me when I say the  song’s chorus will be stuck in your head for hours after listening!

‘Done’ is super sassy, funky and truly just a joy to listen to. We can’t wait to hear more from Sam Handy, we aren’t gonna be ‘Done’ with this track for a long time!

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