Richard Orofino Shares Warming New Single ‘Scratch Off’

Layers of harmonising close to the mic vocals instantly gives Richard Orofino’s new single ‘Scratch Off’ a warming, personal quality.

Layering strummed acoustics with some gorgeous reverb soaked guitar licks and the gentle pacing of the drums, the tracks melancholic yet in part also uplifting soundscape brings together elements of Arcade Fire, Phoebe Bridgers and Declan Mckenna in Richard’s own Bedroom-Pop package.

Taken from the new 5 track EP ‘Chimaera’, ‘Scratch Off’ is but one of the expertly executed, affecting tracks from the new release.

Speaking on the meaning behind ‘Scratch Off’ and the EP, Richard explains:

“‘Scratch Off’ takes place in a sort of interrogation scenario, lyrically held to the mouth of the captor or overseer. The perspective we hear from has an evil energy, making us sympathize with this prisoner we hear about in the song. Our narrator gets joy from hearing their captive shout, “Let me go back home”, and laughing while they sit “under a fluorescent hell zone.” 

Although I found myself diving back into my love for rock and folk music, Chimaera definitely feels like a new stage for my music. I think building production around these sort of emo/folk songs has allowed me to mess around with blending synth and pop elements in a new way. Lyrically, Chimaera touches on a few themes with the most forefront being loneliness, identity, and change. A lot of doubt, depression and self sabotage come into play as well. Really fun, happy stuff.” 


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