Album review: Curse of Lono embraces a new chapter with People In Cars LP

Curse of Lono’s new album takes its name from Mike Mandel’s 2017 photo book in which the acclaimed photographer captured California residents or visitors in their respective vehicles. It provided a sneak peak into those semi-private worlds; a thin screen of glass separating the inhabitants from the outside world. By the same token, music often operates in the same way. It’s singer. songwriter and musician Felix Bechtolsheimer’s transparency that defines much of this album; as he puts it, “Right now I can do what I fucking like. I got a record that’s my favourite record I’ve ever made by a long way, and it’s the record I needed to make. I lost my dad, my uncle and my ex-partner last year, and my band, but I’ve got this record and I almost look at it like a bit of a shrine.”

Throughout eleven tracks, we travel with Felix and the band in these sonic automobiles, passing by scenes of loss, grief, solitude, hope, family, friends and one-time acquaintances. Some of our favourites are “Let You Love Rain Down On Me” and “Time Slippin’”, but it’s worth giving a mention to ‘Ursula Andress’. Named after the Swiss model and actress, the libertine rock-pop reflection on a carefree past that never existed for Felix, but one he hopes that his son can experience. The melodious number is a truly alternative party track, and if you’re looking for dance pointers, check out the stylish music video.


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