Watch SAPPHIRE’s enthralling ode to heartbreak ‘call u mine’

Scrolling through the comments below SAPPHIRE’s official music video for new single ‘call u mine’, you can’t deny that this song has touched so many people out there already, and it was only released a few days ago. Part of that is the UK musician’s pre-existing reputation as a cover artist on YouTube, but also she’s proving herself as an original talent through this new material. Following on from the more experimental ‘Repeat’, the soothing piano-led ‘call u mine’ sounds like a return to SAPPHIRE’s roots. Produced by Cashybear, the moderate instrumentation showcases the young artist’s versatile voice which swings from delicate whispers to a joyful chorus and there’s even a very impressive whistle note in there. As for the meaning behind ‘call u mine’, SAPPHIRE says:

“I really wanted this song to mimic the feeling of falling in love – that warm fuzzy feeling that we’ve all experienced in some way. But even though the production mirrors that feeling, the lyrics explain how it’s not always happily ever after.

I think ‘call u mine’ has really given me an opportunity to go back to my roots, taking inspiration from some of my idols like Carly Simon and Carole King. I’ve always felt like their songs came from the heart, which I’m hoping is how people will feel when they listen to this song.”


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