London based newcomer Jem makes impactful debut with the cinematic ‘Secrets’

Born and raised in the heart of Cesme, Turkey, young singer- songwriter and musician Jem found a passion for music from a young age, surrounded by the vibrant colours, textures, scenery and people of the Middle East, his love of music was born. Moving to London later on in life he moved to London to study Contemporary Music. Now, revealing his debut single ‘Secrets’ the rising singer-songwriter blends the wonders of the two worlds he has lived in and carefully bridges the sounds of his Middle Eastern roots with the influential sounds of the capital city he now calls home. 

Curiously intrigued by the unseen mysteries of life, Jem renders his emotions through his rare and insightful talents which he is finally ready to share. Upon first listen you find yourself enticed by the warm, cinematic productions which come together in a unique blend of desert-dry percussions and gritty rock strings, listeners follow a journey of a young mind that’s ready to blossom. 

Speaking about his debut, Jem said, “I’ve always been interested in the unknown, and the feeling lies between the lines. Music and art are my way of highlighting the beauty that I see, which is often buried with a plain sight for most people.” He further said, “When writing music, I always hark back to a place, a visual, a feeling that reminds me of the warm and embracing state of where I grew up.” 

Giving a taste of what it’s in store with ‘Secrets’, Jem enters 2022 as one to watch.

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