Rush Midnight Return With Disco Infused New Single ‘Last Call’


LA’s Rush Midnight are back with their new single ‘Last Call’. Having established themselves across top music press the duo have become well renowned for their distinctive Disco/ Electro/ Indie-Pop sound.

Blending pulsing synth bass lines, airy pad synths, dance infused drums and choppy guitar lines, ’Last Call’ forms an intense, absorbent electro-pop soundscape. Introducing layers of analogue arpeggiators that build towards it’s enigmatic climax which floats beneath Russell’s signature breathy vocals.

Speaking on the new single, Russell and Rico said: The lyrics in the hook of ‘Last Call’ pretty much sum up what we were feeling in how we approached writing and producing this song… ‘Let’s forget it all, last call’. Obviously there is the fun, classic American bar reference of getting that last drink before closing time; people partying, hooking up, and just completely letting go in every way. But conceptually it was also literally a mirror for us in terms of songwriting. 

We wanted to open a new chapter, let go and try something a little more fun, lighter and less moody than we normally do. Something that had a little more electronic pop flavor, which is something we wanted to try but never really had. We’re known for sort of a dreamy, sensual, bass driven, dark disco funk — so our stuff is already in that dance realm vibe but with “Last Call” we wanted to try and push into some poppier, electronic territory… completely for fun.

With such strong foundations the duo are promising a selection of new tracks that will surely see them gain further critical acclaim.

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