Charlton caretaker manager Johnnie Jackson talks music

In April 2020, we asked current Charlton caretaker boss Johnnie Jackson about his music tastes.

Jackson has been at Charlton since 2010, racking up 247 appearances and 51 goals before retiring in 2018 and has been an ever present member of the coaching staff ever since.

Outside of football, JJ is a big fan of his music, plays the guitar and sings as well as he played football.

Who is your favourite band of all time?

The Stone Roses

What song(s) would get you pumped up before a match?

All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem

A song that reminds you of your time at Charlton?

Valley Floyd Road

Three artists you can’t get enough of?

The Stone Roses
The Arctic Monkeys
The Beatles

Your all time favourite album?

Definitely Maybe

What was the best gig you’ve ever been to?

The Strokes at Ally Pally

A song that’s a guilty pleasure?

99 Red Balloons by Nena

Which Gallagher brother would you rather meet up with for a drink, Noel or Liam?


If you had to create a band full of former footballers, who would be in it and what would be their roles?

Andy Hughes lead singer, pure showman. Lawrie Wilson on bass. Has the cool barnet and chilled out personality of a bass player.

Dean Gerken on drums. Complete
lunatic like most drummers. Myself on guitar (I can play a bit!)

An artist you like that everyone should check out?

The Rifles. Joel, the lead singer, is my brother in law. Great band.

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