Curse of Lono latest craft ‘So Damned Beautiful’ gives glimpses of next album

Felix Bechtolsheimer, aka Curse of Lono, gears up for the release of his upcoming album People In Cars, with the poetic yet dark single ‘So Damned Beautiful.’

Entwined by the experience of his past year and delved further into the stark reality of what he has lived through, ‘So Damned Beautiful’ gives a vulnerable side of his songwriting, helped by the mingling alt-country soundscapes of The National and Leonard Cohen. With the unsettling lead of Felix and Canadian grainy tones of singer Tess Parks, Curse of Lono latest work ‘So Damned Beautiful’ is euphoric, lust though haunting in every way. 

Filled with recurring themes of grief and loss, Felix writes from the perspective of his ex-partner’s mortal lothario and shares: “I wrote the song from the point of view of the guy, who I didn’t know, of that dirty weekend, and that overdose. When you OD on heroin, you do feel pretty great until it goes wrong, so that stuff came back into the picture.”

With a stunning discography to show off, Curse of Lono latest craft gives glimpses of an album that will be his best work to date. 

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