Norwegian Singer-Songwriter HM Johnsen Shares Moving New Single ‘Alone’

Norwegian singer-songwriter HM Johnsen has undergone a musical transformation in recent years: from making blues, to rock, to his  moving into experimental indie. Now back with the new electronic and indie infused ballad ‘Alone’, Johnsen is once again evolving his style further. 

Opening with soft piano under his warming vocals, ‘Alone’ instantly sets a vulnerable and melancholic mood. As the track develops, adding layers of airy blue sky pitch shifted reverb guitar lines and deep bass notes, the track builds towards it’s breathtaking climax. With subtle drums underpinning an analogue arpeggiator which gradually intensifies creating a cinematic backdrop under Johnsen’s vocal layered vocal harmonies compatible to the likes of London Grammar and Aquilo.

Speaking on the inspiration behind ‘Alone’, Johnsen said:

“I wrote the song Alone as a sort of therapy for myself at one moment last year. I was at a very low point and had no motivation, and no mood to feel happy or even laugh. I often feel that people encourage me to keep on with music and to keep on doing what I love, but at the same time, it sometimes can feel like there are no people that actually care about you as a person. I needed motivation, and someone to lift me up… So I wrote a song about this specific period of my life.”

Releasing his debut blues-rock LP ‘Chased’ at the age of 17, an album entirely funded by his own small local community in Western Norway and mastered in the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, HM Johnsen quickly gained media attention across Norway. With support form the national broadcaster of Norway who decided to cover his journey and tell the story of the young and talented musician following his dream, Johnsen rapidly became signed a management deal and won the title “Norwegian Blues Union Artist” of the year.

Now continuing to develop as an artist HM Johnsen has earned over 100k streams on Spotify and is quickly becoming one to watch for the coming months.

Listen to HM Johnsen’s new single ‘Alone’ below:



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