Weekly Roundup: Orchards, Lucy Dreams, Nick Ranniko & More

Orchards – Drive Me Home

Orchards prove time and time again what an excellent band they are and the new single ‘Drive Me Home’ is yet another clinical demonstration of their undeniable talent. Energetic, emotive and mega catchy, the single is packed with inventive guitar lines and beautifully executed vocal harmonies. The strikingly honest lyrics create a vibrant and effective contrast between the reflective, melancholic lead vocal lines and the exciting, bright indie-rock backing. Both relatable and catchy this is stellar effort by the Brighton three piece.


Nick Ranniko – More

Nick Ranniko delivers up a beautiful slice of Lofi Electronic-Pop on his new single music. Blending swelling modulated keys, subtle vinyl crackles and a soft beat and bass line the Massachusetts based artist expertly creates an atmospheric, electronic soundscape under his processed vocals. Raw and honest, the track is backed with both emotion which is complimented by it’s effortlessly cool edge.


Lucy Dreams – Silver Lines

Lucy Dreams go full 80’s on their new single ‘Silver Lines’. Depeche Mode meets Pet Shop Boys and Christine & The Queens and it doesn’t sound in the slightest bit out of place in todays world. The Trio, of David Reiterer and Philipp Prückl along with Lucy described by the band as an A.I.(artificial intelligence) manage to take a vintage synth-pop sound and revitalise it brilliantly. Speaking about A.I the band said: “Lucy is a system of independent thought, balancing analogue and digital effects, which David and Philip developed specifically for music production. Lucy Dreams challenges the notion of whether machine aided music can connect with the listener in a meaningful way.”

An interesting project with a lot of depth, expect to see Lucy’s Dream popping up a lot more over the coming months.


LAZYRAVE – Lazy Raver

LAZYRAVE’s new single ‘Lazy Raver’ is one that you can immediately imagine blaring out in a dance tent a Glastonbury. Blending elements of EDM and Experimental Electronic while also capturing a sense of 90’s Rock, LAZYRAVE create something a sound which is quite original. Despite not being a guitar in sight, the back of thick pulsing bass, electronic beats and dappled synths somehow manages to encapsulate an air of Stone Roses and even Kasabian. Singer Dan has a vocal delivery packed with charisma that helps to cement this Indie edge to the track. A superb tune that you can totally imagine fans losing their mind to.

As a side note, as a long time fan of Peep Show, part of me has always thought that if Jez and Super-hans had been making their music in the real world, they would have had some success. If they were a real band, and I mean this affectionately and as a compliment, it would have sounded something like LAZYRAVE.


Christian Wethered – Don’t Be Surprised

Delicate, poetic and honest, Christian Wethered has made a name for himself as a Folk artist to watched. The Dublin based singer demonstrates his abilities as a songwriter elegantly on the new single ‘Don’t Be Surprised’. Painting a French Jazz inspired backing with delicately finger picked acoustic guitar, double bass and atmospheric twinkles on piano. Lined with Chrisitian’s impactful lyricism and unaffected vocal delivery, the track is effortlessly charming and offers up an exciting insight into what is to be expected from his upcoming album.


Anja Kotar – Midnight In Paris

Anja Kotar’s new single is a slice of Jazzy, R&B and Electro-Pop infused Pop that is a joy. Opening with a simplistic guitar and vocal line duo, the track soon brings in Swaying electronic beats and beautiful dappled guitar lines as though the song is being performed in a Jazz club with John Mayer making a guest appearance on guitar, it’s a fairly intoxicating mix. Sunshine-Pop with bluesy guitar lines and R&B beats that capture something truly magic. With tastemaker acclaim already flying her way, Anja will surely go from strength to strength over the coming months.


SCXTTY – Red Camaro

Scxtty’s new single packs a serious sense of nostalgia, like you’re listening to some early Good Charlotte. With all the hallmarks of classic Alt-Rock/ Pop-Punk, Scxtty’s heavy American accent vocals capture all the charm of early early 2000’s Rock whilst the backing also incorporates elements of Indie-Pop to great effect. Full of potential, the single lays a marker for what Scxtty got deliver in the future.


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