Weekly Roundup: Kate Brunotts, Ian Huschle, General Crush, Deva St. John and more

Kate Brunotts – Gemini

Opening with Bon Iver-esque vocal samples, Kate Brunotts’ new single ‘Gemini’ quickly builds an experimental Alt-Pop soundscape before her haunting vocals enter the fray. Moving through punching vintage electronic drums and reverby atmospherics, the track builds towards it’s breath-taking instrumental sections. Like a more accessible GRIMES, Kate has a really original, experimental yet appealing sound.


Ian Huschle – Chores

Ian Huschle’s new single ‘Chores’ is a journey through. A track filled with heart and moments of beautiful instrumentation. The ultra soft vocals reminiscent of Nirvana’s ‘Something In The Way’ give the track a melancholic, emotional depth which lifts the song to airy heights over the initially simplistic backing of acoustic guitar and gentle drums. As the track builds, layers of watery, chorus tinged guitar and bass fill up the soundscape as it moves through gorgeous and understated riffs building atmosphere with subtle, glitching arpeggiators. Ian shows a lot of promise here as an artist full of ideas.


General Crush – Paper Planes

Immediately reminiscent of Honne, General Crush captures an easy Sunday afternoon vibe on ‘Paper Planes’. Crunchy beats, floating modulated guitar and airy synths build a bouncey yet atmospheric soundscape around Crush’s chilled vocal delivery. Funky, danceable  and deceptively catchy, the track also posses an element of 90’s electronica – it would fit perfectly on a vintage Ministry Of Sound chill-out compilation.


Deva St. John – Pity Party

Reading rocker Deva St. John shows a flare for both experimentation and commercial understanding on her new single ‘Pity Party’. A pedal to the metal affair packed with a mix genres, the single is as exciting as it is polished. Jumping from moments of pop to atmospheric indie and even electronic and then bursting into the rocking chorus the track shows a wide range of influences while demanding your attention with it’s high energy delivery.


Chess Galea – Amber Lights

London electro pop-go-R&B artist Chess Galea made a name for herself with appearances singing live on BBC as well as working as a guest vocalist on Jack Savoretti’s number 1 album ‘Europiana’. Her new single ‘Amber Lights’ is a great example of her talent, showcasing both her songwriting skill and ear for a catchy hook as well as her skill as a vocalist.


Alana – Counting Sheep

Delicate and heartfelt ‘Counting Sheep’ is a prime example of how to elevate an acoustic track beyond the confines of it’s singer-songwriter genre. Layered with layers of thick piano and warm strings, Alana’s voice is able to remain delicate and introspective while soaring above the backing which serves to amplify the melancholic emotion on display. Simple yet haunting and beautiful.








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