Listen to Curse of Lono’s psychedelic guitar-led single ‘I Think I’m Alright Now’

Reading through Curse of Lono frontman and primary songwriter Felix Bechtolsheimer‘s life story so far, it might strike some people as hard to hear and you very well might assume that his music would plunge you into the darkest depths of his past. He’s been part of a government-funded experiment into opioid addiction in a German psychiatric hospital, survived five years of heroin dependency, spent a year in Florida with an alcoholic uncle whilst in recovery. More recently, the London-based musician lost his father after a long illness and an ex-partner in an event of sudden death. Sure, there’s a little plenty of thoughts and feelings connected to these events in his music, but I don’t think anyone could come away with a downtrodden impression when they’ve finished listening to ‘I Think I’m Alright Now’. Even the song’s title is imbued with optimism, although a little uncertain. The winding, retro instrumentation also walks the path with a little swagger, that hint of self-assuredness within the layering guitars and steady percussion. Similarly, preceding track ‘Let Your Love Rain Down On Me’ is another warm and inviting listen, leaning a little more on an Americana influence, but there’s a thread running through these tracks. A thread that we’ll be sure to follow in the coming weeks and months.

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