Canadian Rock ‘n’ Roller Rich Chambers Share’s New Single ‘High School Can’t Last Forever’

Canadian Rocker, Rich Chambers takes us on a nostalgia trip with his new single ‘High School Can’t Last Forever’. Conjuring images of both American Pie and back to the future, the track encompasses elements of both Pop-Punk as well as classic Rock ‘n’ Roll with an undeniable sense of energy and enjoyment in the songs full throttle performance. Punching drums, biting guitars and Rich’s charismatic vocal delivery come together to create a track packed with the character and vibrancy that Rich has become known for.


Speaking about the single Rich explained: “High school often seems to represent that moment in our lives where anything is possible. It is our launching pad to life, so to speak. From that point, we all start to make decisions (or don’t make decisions) that ultimately start each of us off down our own unique life path. ‘High School Can’t Last Forever’ is a song that tackles this defining moment in our lives. It begs the notion that those who follow dreams or take chances to go after something often live without regret; whereas, those who are never willing to take a chance or squash their dreams (for whatever reason) often live with regret and find themselves looking back to life’s launching pad (high school), wishing they could launch again. It does this to the backbeat of an under three minute, timeless, rock n’ roll soundtrack.”


Full of joyous moments, ‘High School Can’t Last Forever’ is a great example of Rich’s modern take on a classic Rock ‘n’ Roll sound. Capturing the essence of a liver performance, the track does feel as though you are listening to Rich and his band shred their way through a live set, something which in today’s world of heavily produced pop songs is hard to come by.

Listen below:

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