Weekly Roundup: Raeya, Emma Danelon, Domo Wilson & More

Raeya – Escape

Nashville Electro-Pop artist Raeya exploded onto the scene a few months ago with her single ‘Just Wanna Say’. Now back with the follow up ‘Escape’, she once again delivers on her promise with another etherial, affecting alt-pop tune that stays with you well after the first listen.

Reminiscent of Imogen Heap, Raeya’s mix of piano and electronics under her soaring lead vocal is both beautiful and effortlessly impressive, a demonstration of an artist with a huge amount of future potential.

Emma Danelon – Mistake

Sticking with the etherial electronic vibe, Italian Alt-Pop artist Emma Danelon’s shines on her new single ‘Mistake’ – A stunning demonstration of how to use electronics to enhance the melancholic mood of a track.

Mixing melty, reverb soaked analogue synths with muted drums and deep sub heavy bass, Emma creates a drifting soundscape that leaves space to allow her Portishead-esque, falsetto vocals to shine.  As the track opens into it’s airy chorus, Emma’s vocal hook comes out of the dark solidifying the subtle  and unforced commercial appeal that the single naturally possesses.

Dark and understated yet full of drama and hooks akin to the likes of Lapsley and Art School Girlfriend, this is a great demonstration of Emma Danelon’s talents.


Domo Wilson – Sweet Girl

Social media influencer & musician Domo Wilson isn’t known for her indie anthems however, her new single ‘Sweet Girl’ could well be just that! Treading the line between Indie, R&b and Bedroom-Pop ‘Sweet Girl’ is driven by an intoxicating yet deceptively simple modulation drenched guitar line and the gently swaying beat and bass line that create a psychedelic atmosphere around Domo’s processed lead vocal line. A hugely effective sound that totally contrasts the rest of her back catalogue, the single is as beautiful as it is catchy akin to the likes of Blood Orange.

With her 2.4 million Instagram followers already encapsulated by her genre jumping music, expect this to become a future hit!


Now Ex – Somewhere Else

Mixing Synth-Pop with his operatic toned vocals, Now Ex creates something totally unique.

Capturing a joyous, euphoric tone in the instrumental which somehow serves to enhance to heartfelt, melancholic vocal line, Now Ex creates a highly danceable yet emotional sound comparable to the work of Robyn. ‘Somewhere Else’ gradually builds over it’s 3:35 bringing together a multitude of gorgeous analogue synths, pulsing drums and catchy vocals to create a track which is like a time capsule back to the 80’s whilst still retaining an effortless edge and freshness.

Dutch Criminal Record – It’s Gonna Be Okay (Video)

Is it bad taste to review the same song twice in the same magazine? I don’t care. Previous track of the day on Turtle Tempo ‘It’s Gonna Be Okay’ by Indie trio Dutch Criminal Record has just received a video and it truly is a work of art. It’s not often that a video elevates a song to beyond it’s original greatness but in this instance every element of the track is enhance by the accompanying beautiful visual.

Sofija – Stay A Little Longer

Blending elements of R&B and Electronic-Pop with gorgeous squelching synths with deep bass lines and her effortlessly pin point vocals, Sofija captures something special on her new single ‘Stay A Little Longer’. A total vibe that’s full of soul and creativity the track feels as though it would belong on Radio 1’s Chillest Show as much as it would on a line-up at Ronnie Scott’s.


Blak Emoji – Float

Closing out this weeks weekly roundup, Blak Emoji bring a Hot Chip-esque Electronic exploration on the new single ‘Float’. Blurring the lines between Indie, Pop, EDM and Experimental-Electronic, the four piece capture a sense of euphoria matched by a sublime vocal performance from band leader Kelsey Warren. A multi-genre creation that demands more than once listen to make perfect sense ‘Float’ is packed with musical depth.

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