LIEBE is the newest album from groundbreaking German artist, Luis Ake

If you like romance, epic storylines and all the joy and nostalgia that pop music brings, then you’ll be sure to love the newest album by groundbreaking German artist, songwriter and vocalist, Luis Ake.

Aptly named LIEBE, or ‘Love’ in English, Ake’s new album is an exploration and attempted explanation for what we as humans, understand as romantic love and its many mysteries.

Cleverly and playfully written, each track tackles a different perspective of romance and eroticism through the lens of Luis Ake,  a traveller through time and space and an observer of the human world.

Humorous in parts, heart-wrenching in others, LIEBE is just as much an exploration of human emotion and reasoning as it is an exploration of sound, texture and mood.

As an artist known the world over for his genre-bending, convention-defying and out-of-the-box musical creations, Luis Ake ups the ante on this record, offering a complex tapestry of sounds that span countries, genres and era’s of Pop music, from Synth-Pop to Dark Wave, to Italo Disco and Neue Deutsche Welle, no stone is left unturned on this epic, experimental project.


Listen to the lead single, ‘Kein Weg Zu Weit’

Listen to LIEBE the full project 

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