Real one Adria Kain release ode to black beauty in ‘Classic’

The lyrics in Adria Kain‘s latest single ‘Classic’ are truly uplifting, showing that the Toronto musician took to the obstacles of the past year with a positive mindset, stating that “I’ve been spending my time really working on me this year”. This warm R&B-tipped atmosphere is brought further to life with richly reverberated piano chords and syncopated beats, that while minimal are highly sophisticated. The subtle elegance of this easy-going production echoes Adria’s ultimate inspiration for the track – celebrating the beauty of black women. Speaking to this, the songwriter shares that, “I’ve recently entered the stage in my life where I finally feel like I can be completely free and whole within myself, especially as a queer, masculine presenting black woman. I’ve also grown an even higher level of respect and appreciation for black women as a whole due to the simple fact that many of us hold a huge level of strength and perseverance that is unmatched and often unspoken.”

We don’t often feature R&B and soul here at Turtle Tempo, but we couldn’t say no this one.


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