DIY artist Nora Lilith reveals experimental second single ‘Daysof8’

Norah Lilith has unveiled her second single and music video, ‘Days of 8’. It’s the first track to be teased from her forthcoming EP and the predecessor to ‘Misfed’ released back in June to critical acclaim from tastemakers both in Lilith’s native Europe and across the pond in the US, where she currently resides.

Continuing on the trend of self-produced, mixed and mastered tracks, Lilith presents ‘Days of 8’ as a showcase of her seemingly unending versatility and range as both a musician and songwriter.  Limitless in her artistry, Nora Lilith’s sound captures various lo-fi electronic ambiences as she explores the cracks and crevasses of experimental bedroom style beats, house, R&B and Jazz, as well as adopting a new vocal effect inspired by  Soundtoy’s ‘Alterboy’ plugin.

Speaking on the creation of the single, Norah Lilith explains:

Upon discovering the Soundtoy’s ‘Alterboy’ plugin, I wrote this track, as well as Yolk, (another track on my upcoming EP) – both on the same day. I was really just experimenting with this vocal tone, and it excited me to be able to manipulate my voice to such a degree. I laid down the drums first, then the bass line, and the vocal melody came pretty naturally from just hearing that initial groove.

Emotional, honest and lyrically simplistic, ‘Days of 8’ explores the inadequacy sometimes felt whilst in a relationship. Am I good enough for them? Do I satisfy them? Do they actually like me? ‘Days of 8’ sees Norah Lilith indirectly pose these difficult questions over an eclectic, genre-bending instrumental and Nadia Elchmaissani directed music video.


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