Turtle Tempo Weekly Roundup: Rush Midnight, Marlee Quirarte, The Jacks and more

Rush Midnight – Take The Long Way

Having already made waves in music press, LA duo Rush Midnight are no strangers to success. Their unique blend of indie-pop and bass led nu-funk has seen them gain features in the likes of Pitchfork and The Guardian; with such prowess on display on the new single ‘Take The Long Way’ it’s easy to see why they’re so highly thought of!

Blending their stylistic melodic funk bass lines with airy synths and Russell’s signature breathy vocals ‘Take The Long Way’ builds a dreamy soundscape over it’s tight drum beat. Packed with atmosphere and ear-worm hooks, the track is topped off with layers of delicate strings by Jake Falby (Chet Faker, Dave Harrington). A class act, the duo will surely continue to build acclaim on this and subsequent releases. 

Marlee Quirarte – Know Me

Opening with a beautiful dreamy, pitch shifted reverb soaked guitar chords, Marlee Quirarte’s new single ‘Know Me’ instantly sets a melancholic tone, lulling you into a false sense of calm before the electro-pop tune that follows bursts into life. A track that packs a punch with super tight electronic beats, deep bass and layers of keys, guitar and her stylistic layered vocals, ‘Know Me’ is full of character. Blending elements of indie, commercial pop and electronic music, the single is full of intrigue and leaves nothing to be desired.

The Jacks – Mess I’m In

Indie-Popper’s The Jacks shine on their new single ‘Mess I’m In’. A track that ooze’s with charisma bringing indie guitar licks with pop vocals and punching drums, the single is an attribute to their back catalogue and possess all the elements needed to one day gain them chart success. With an ear-worm vocal line that will stick with you long after the first listen it’s easy to see why this four piece have gained over 8 million streams and counting…

Marcel – I Guess

Austrian singer-songwriter Marcel blends acoustic pop and elements of indie-rock and electronic-pop on the new single ‘I Guess’.  ‘I Guess’ shows Marcel at his most honest and authentic as he reflects on his mistakes over the layers of gentle acoustics, reverb drenched slide guitar, electronic drums and deep electronic bass. Introspective and hard-hitting lyrics give the track an assertive and bold edge pulling it away from straight pop, amplified by the track’s wonderful simplicity and shortness at under 3 minutes.

A solid single that shows of potential.

Anne Bennett – Heavy Hand

Massachusetts alt-rocker Anne Bennett brings a vintage rock sound on her new single ‘Heavy Hand’. Presenting an authentic, yet fresh classic rock sound comparable to the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age, Ana Calvi or the rockier Fleetwood Mac tunes, Anne’s witchy gives the track a mystic edge that propels the track beyond the realms of it’s bass, drums, guitar instrumentation.

Written while on her way to a memorial service for a family member during the middle of lockdown, the dark overbearing sense of encapsulated in the music perfectly echoes the mood conveyed in the lyrics to great effect.


Olivia White – UnrEquited

Rock infused Pop artist Olivia White capture’s an element of early Avril Lavigne (I’m 90’s baby/ don’t pretend you don’t like Sk8er Boi) whilst also retaining her unmistakable love for modern commercial pop on her new single ‘Unrequited’. With guitar led backing which creates a pop-punky soundscape under Olivia’s mega pop vocals, ‘Unrequited’ hits the mark on many levels. A super catchy vocal line with effortless coolness and character, Olivia’s voice as an artist show’s great potential for the future.


Kingzman – Second Guessing

Lastly on this week’s roundup comes ‘Second Guessing from electronic-R&B-pop duo KINGZMN. Blending elements of dreamy electronica with super chilled R&B vocals all the wile with a pop directness, the new single captures a super chilled mood that would work well in a playlist alongside Drake as much as it would next to Tame Impala. Blending swelling synthesis with reverb soaked vocal samples and tight beats, the soundscape is something to be admired, melancholic and airy as the track ebbs and flows under the whispery vocals towards the gentle guitar line that close out the track.

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