Turtle Tempo Weekly Roundup: Joe Traxler, I Am Boleyn, Richard Orofino and more

Here’s a selection of tracks that have made us giddy this week:

Joe Traxler – Don’t Dance

Opening this week’s roundup is the ultra-cool Joe Traxler with his new Indie-Funk bop ‘Don’t Dance’. Floating in with boxy, slap-back delayed drums before settling into a chilled, bass led groove ‘Don’t Dance’ instantly sets the tone under Joe’s slightly distorted vocals and the track builds towards it’s intoxicating chorus.

The Vienna based multi-instrumentalist and producer has previously played support for Jade Bird among others and with a debut LP already under his belt, three singles released this year and more to come, it’s easy to envisage Joe going from strength to strength.


I Am Boleyn – Until The Summer Ends


Synth Pop’s I Am Boleyn strikes gold on her new single ‘Until The Summer Ends’. Bringing together elements of Robyn and Goldfrapp with a smidgen of School Of Seven Bells for good measure, the new single builds a luscious soundscape of synths and punching electronic drums under Boleyn’s breathy lead vocals. A glimmering Synth Pop gem, ‘Until The Summer Ends’ shows a lot of potential for the future.


Richard Orofino – Wanna Say

A excellent piece of bedroom pop from Richard Orofino, ‘Wanna Say’ is understated and hugely effective in it’s delivery. An ode to the fact that you don’t need to load every song with complicated instrumentation, it’s an addictive track that rely’s on it’s melancholic mood, chilled instrumentation and catchy vocal lines.

Opening with a boxy acoustic guitar loop, dappled vocal samples, a field recording of bird song and muted drums, Richard’s vocals deliver a punch of reliability and emotion dementing the melancholic feel. Maintaining the small self-contained sound throughout the track, bass and twinkling synths enter giving a subtle layering to the track that seem to only enhance the beautiful simplicity of it’s soundscape.


Meekoh – From The River

Meekoh’s latest effort ‘From The River’ is a Folk-Pop tune that demonstrates some impeccable performances and some excellent songwriting. With elements of John Mayer, Bon Iver and Mumford And Sons all bought together to create a Country infused number packed with moments of excellent guitar, piano and vocals, the tracks rolling drum beat, strings and delicate double bass create upbeat yet reflective feel that has both beauty and commercial appeal.

Accompanied by a great video of Meekoh’s floating down a river playing his guitar and singing (which is somewhat breathtaking but also terrifying and makes me worry about the state of his guitar after filming), this is a brilliant love song that deserves a slot on Absolute Radio.


GANGGA – This Love Will never End

The final track in this week’s roundup comes from the NME supported singer-songwriter GANGGA. Having just released his new album ‘It’s Never Easy’ which is packed with moments of moments of Indie infused Electonic-Pop, the new single is a delicate, downbeat acoustic track packed with emotive lyrical imagery and moments of beauty. Akin to Bon Iver’s debut ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’, ‘This Love Will Never End’ is build around gently strummed acoustics, lightly shuffling drums and subtle moments of electric guitar and airy atmospherics.

‘This Love Will Never End’ on it’s own is a deeply personal and honest piece of songwriting but when put among the rest of the tracks on the new album, it also serves to demonstrate the full range of GANGGA’s exquisite talent.

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