Turtle Tempo Weekly Roundup: Punk Angel, Orchards, JK The Sage And More

Here’s a selection of some of the best tracks that we’ve discovered this week:

Punk Angel – Karma

Starting this weeks roundup off with an etherial beauty, Punk Angel’s new single ‘Karma’ is an excellent example of psychedelic Dream-Pop.

Opening with echoy layers of vocal harmonies, Punk Angel instantly sets a moody atmospheric tone before the track oozes in with layers of guitar, bass and drums and a falsetto lead vocal that pull the track towards the realms of early Tame Impala and Beach House. As the track progresses and the psychedelics build, there’s even elements of classic Psychedelic Rock that creep in with layers of modulation and fuzzy guitar lines – A stunning piece of work and a thoroughly interesting and fulfilling listen.


Orchards – Leave Us Here (Were Fine)


Brighton Indie-Rockers Orchards have built a massive reputation for themselves over the past few years with big support from Radio 1’s Huw Stephens and features across tastemaker press following the release of their debut album. The new single ‘Leave Us Here (We’re Fine)’ is a great example of their work and shows exactly why they’ve built such a hype.

Launching in with some giant guitars and punching drums, the track quickly grabs your attention and effortlessly holds it with it’s high energy and intricate riffs that drop in and out to great effect. Lucy’s lead vocals hold an effortless charisma that propels the song forward and accentuates the chorus’s ear-worm hook. get ready to see Orchards blowing up very soon.


JK The Sage – Patterns/ To The Sea

Changing the tone now, Ambient Electronic producer and pianist JK The Sage is another one that is a great discovery from the past week. If you’re a fan of early James Blake and Mura Masa’s ‘Soundtrack To A Death’ then JK The Sage is definitely one for you!

Blending ambient vocal and string samples, gentle synth lines, shuffling drums and his stylistic, understated yet undeniably impeccable piano playing,  JK creates a dream link soundscape on Patterns/ To The Sea. Capturing something really unique and special, JK seems as though he is sure to land a huge sync deal in the near future. In fact, the whole of the new EP ‘Belongs To The Earth’ is a masterful exploration into music restraint and ambient beauty.


So Kindly – Send Me A Sign

Akin to the likes of Aquillo, So Kindly captures a sense of fragility and emotion on ‘Send Me A Sign’ that gives it immense impact and listenability. A soft piano ballad that gradually builds layers of delicate guitar before building to full band with drums and bass gradually easing there way in over the 3 minutes 32. A Pop track reminiscent of The Fray, So Kindly shows a lot of promise as a songwriter with an ear for beautiful musicallity.


Henry Taylour – Aftersun EP

Breaking my own rules, I decided that we simply had to share the entirety of Henry Taylour’s new EP ‘Aftersun’. Building ben Howard-esque soundscapes around his poetic lyricism, Henry is not only a brilliant songwriter but also a talented guitarist who has an uncanny ability to create spine-tingling music full of emotion and subtlety.

From the cinematic title track to the stripped, fingerpicked ‘The Eagle’, the Indie-Folk artist captures a continuous mood packed with moments of pure beauty.


Logan M – Trippin’

The last track in this weeks roundup is from Logan M. A simplistic yet somewhat affecting new single, ‘Trippin” brings together a modulated, boxy acoustic guitar sample with lofi drums and atmospheric layers of female vocals under Logan’s chilled lead vocal to create a melancholic and somewhat addictive tune akin to the likes of Dominic Fike. Subtly bringing in airy synths that float delicately above the other instrumentation, the track elevates itself building on the introspective tone.

At under 2 minutes long, the single is short but sweet, packing in hooks and heaps of genuine emotion.

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