Bowling Shoes – DoomScroller Album Review

Alt-Pop 4 piece Bowling Shoes have just released their second album ‘DoomScroller’, a collection of intricate new tracks that showcases some of the bands finest work.

Opening with the funk laden ‘Donut Phone’, the 7 track album starts as it means to go on, layering intertwining guitar licks with airy synths, flowing bass and swinging drums to create an uplifting Alt-Pop sound. Packed with ear-worm vocal lines ‘Donut Phone’ is the perfect opener to an album full of Pop bangers.

Elsewhere across the album, the early 1975-esque ‘Friends Apartment’ showcases the bands pinpoint vocal performances with layers of harmonies over tight offbeat rhythms and choppy synth and guitar riffs, while the lofi ‘See U Again’ shines a light on the more experimental side of the bands songwriting akin to the likes of Glass Animals.

Title track ‘DoomScroller’ takes a sarcastic, pessimistic swipe at the modern age and how social media has impacted on the way we live, often filling the world with doom. A track which discusses social changes and the ongoing problems the world is facing whilst still remaining commercial and intriguing all at once, ‘DoomScroller’ works very hard and is for me, the highlight of the album.

Closing track ‘Talk Soon’ once again see’s the band return to their tried and tested Indie Pop formulas with layers of intertwining instrumentation around the tight vocal and builds towards the falsetto breakdown and electrifying guitar solo.

A solid album bringing together some breathtaking, intertwining instrumental work and hugely effective Pop vocal lines, Bowling Shoe’s ‘DoomScroller’ is a must listen for any 1975 fans looking for their next Indie-Pop fix!

Listen below:


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