TRACK OF THE WEEK: ‘Karaoke’ by Pynch

Lo-fi London-based outfit Pynch are proving they are a force to be reckoned with, in new release ‘Karaoke’.

As their second release from 2020, ‘Somebody Else’ which was written by Pynch creator Spencer Enock in his parents basement during the lockdown – is on its way to surpassing 1,000,000 streams, Spencer and his bandmates prove yet again that they are most certainly no one-hit wonder, with a new Karaoke banger.

Listening to the story, Karaoke itself is written about a withered dynamic of a couple that are certainly out of the honey moon phase and going through a difficult spell in their relationship.

The song opens “singing karaoke while the sky is falling ‘cause there are no words at all” but it’s only until the instrumentals kick in and by the end of the song we can paint a picture of the void in the relationship.

What makes Pynch so admirable is the way their music is perfect for all moods. Whether you want a song to badly sing the chorus out to, or a song for you to ponder and relate yourself to, Pynch’s lyricism which appears so minimalistic is actually so cleverly constructed, it’s absolutely sublime.

The Ramsgate-turned-London band craft true works of art with their experimental style, reminiscent in a way of a famous Bob Ross quote “we don’t make mistakes just happy little accidents” – it feels as if this quartet do just that.

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