Turtle Tempo Weekly Roundup: Dutch Criminal Record, Hunter James And The Titanic, DIYA And More

Here’s a selection of some of the best tracks that we’ve discovered this week:

Dutch Criminal Record – Hey Charlie 

Coming just ahead of their new 5 track EP ‘It’s Gonna Be Okay’, Dutch Criminal Record’s latest offering ‘Hey Charlie’ see’s them at their vibrant, uplifting best. With layers of bright, modulation tinted guitars, a groovy bass and bright synth lines building the breezy soundscape, Joe’s lead vocals float effortlessly with an air of melancholy while tight vocal harmonies add a joyous sheen, cementing their stylistic Surf-Rock sound.

Making waves with features across tastemaker press and with BBC Radio 6 Music’s Steve Lamacq offering up regular plays the trio’s new summer bop set’s the scene nicely for an EP which showcases their finest work yet!


Hunter James and the titanic – Over The Line

Indie-Rockers do Blue-Rockers Hunter James and The Titantic channel the likes of Free and The Black Keys on their new cut ‘Over The Line’. Opening with a rip-roaring slide guitar and absolutely mega blues rock riff that Joe Bonamassa would be proud of , Hunter and the band quickly set the scene for the energetic, vintage blues rock tune which is coming.

Feeling as though it could be the perfect music to appear in an upcoming AMC TV Show, ‘Over The Line’ is full of character and rich instrumental performance from the swelling organ sounds and overdriven guitars to the fuzzy bass and driving drums. Hunter’s glorious lead vocal is expertly controlled, full of attitude and energy but most importantly really authentic and totally perfect for the backing. The whole track feels like a live show, as if you’re hearing the band shred their way through a live set right into your headphones, spot on.


DIYA – Follow

Dubai based Electro pop artist DIYÂ is a powerful songwriter that uses music as an escapism and the mesmerising new single is, in itself, an ethereal, otherworldly escape. Bringing together elements of Trance, EDM and Electronica in a neat Electro-Pop package, DIYA really captures something on ‘Follow’. Everything But The Girl would be proud of this track, it could easily be from their back catalogue (and that’s meant as a big compliment).


DD Allen – Paper Masks

Indie-Rocker DD Allen embraces a single-minded need to create meaningful songs that stay relevant to the world we live in. An ode to the difficult year that many have had, the new single Paper Masks’ is a message of resilience to everyone that’s had to endure multiple UK lockdowns and all the ongoing uncertainty that still surrounds the pandemic, and it’s a decent tune too!

With an uncanny 80’s Rock sound, DD Allen creates a classic rock sound whilst also retaining a fresh, exciting edge that propels the song away from sounding dated and captures a Sam Fender-esque vintage edge.


Sofya Wang – The Moon Represents My Heart

Live EPs are few and far between, but sometimes they’re sublime, offering a different experience from a studio album and giving a more representation of an artists ideas.

The opening track of Sofra Wang’s new live 4 track EP, a cover of one of the most famous and beloved Chinese ‘The Moon Represents My Heart’ is instantly entrancing. A Blue Sky reverb drenched guitar mixes with a deep subby bass keeping things stripped under Sofya’s super controlled vocals, focusing on the beauty and emotion of the track to great effect.  Despite being so stripped and gentle, there is something mesmerising in the performance as Sofya effortlessly moves between singing in Chinese and English with the instrumentation floating delicately around her.


Eric Jafet – Lights Out

The final track on this week’s roundup comes from 22-year-old Pop-Rocker Eric Jafet who brings together elements of Pop-punk and 80’s rock on the new single ‘Lights Out’. From the verse which could have been taken from the back catalogue of ‘A Flock Of Seagulls’ to the thundering chorus which brings an air of late 90’s/ early 2o00’s Rock, ‘Lights Out’ is a blast.

Written, performed, and produced by Eric himself, the track is gritty, fast, and unyielding. From the slap back delayed vocals to the wailing guitar solo, it’s a pedal to the metal track that takes on love and sex in the digital age with a great sense of fun. 


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