Toronto-based artist Tara Lord unveils the music video for her latest hit, ‘Praying’.

Toronto-based artist Tara Lord unveils her latest music video for her hit, sophomore single, ‘Praying’. Blending melodic rap with a fun and playful instrumental, Lord creates a unique soundscape that’s perfectly channelled towards commercial success.  


Despite ‘Praying’ only being her second official release to date, the track and its predecessor ‘Overthinking’ have already garnered the young emcee national Canadian and US radio play, a spot on the coveted Spotify ‘Northern Bars’ playlist, Amazon’s ‘Breakthrough Hip-hop’ playlist, Apple Music’s ‘New Music Daily’ and a solid 33k+ monthly listeners on Spotify! 


Determined to make a career from her talents and step away from the shadow of her father (Top Secret from the Toronto rap collective Sunshine Sound Crew), Tara Lord puts on her big girl boots and presents fans and listeners with a raw, real and reflective alternative hip-hop track which sees Tara openly venting her frustrations of the past and verbally manifesting her dreams for the future.


“Praying is a very emotional song for me, I expressed what I was feeling in the moment and kinda just let it all out in the booth. I wrote the song while I was having a mental breakdown and put all my frustration into words. A lot of people’s mental health, including mine, has been suffering due to the pandemic and I feel like this song expresses that well.”


Bold, inspiring and uplifting, ‘Praying’ is yet another incredible offering from Tara Lord who cleverly and effortlessly manages to translate deeply personal experiences into widely relatable lyrics for her audience.

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