Turtle Tempo Weekly Roundup: Dunx, Roye, SVNDRA and more…

Here’s a selection of some of the best tracks that we’ve discovered this week:

DUNX – I Land At Sea

Ireland based Alt-Rocker Dunx really demonstrates the uniqueness of his sound on the new single ‘I Land At Sea’, capturing an essence of 70’s rock whilst still retaining a modern, commercial edge. Blending layers of acoustic and electric guitars with a driving drum beat and Duncan’s (aka Dunx) Nick Cave-esque vocal tone, the track moves through a moody indie-pop verse and chorus before introducing a beautiful piano line over it’s stunning middle 8.

Packed with swagger, biting guitar lines and floating reverbs, this is a must listen!


Roye –  Exhausted

Finnish Pop breakthrough artist Roye has already made a name for himself in his home country with rave reviews and placements across Spotify editorial playlists. Now looking to bring his music to a UK market, the new single ‘Exhausted’ brings emotive depth along with it’s inevitable commercial appeal.

Awash with airy synths, breathy vocal harmonies, punching drums and deep bass, ‘Exhausted’ is a multifaceted and extremely competent demonstration of Pop songwriting, production and performance.  


SVNDRA – Rocketship

Keeping with the pop vibe, Estonian artist SVNDRA’s new single ‘Rocketship’ is third on this weeks list. Already sounding like a BBC Radio 1 favourite, ‘Rocketship’ brings super simple, yet hugely effective production, mixing deep suby bass with airy synths, punching beats and SVNDRA’s mega catchy vocal line to create a track which you can already hear has the potential to break into the charts and land major sync deals.


Shir Sol Evans – Mayla’s Perspective: A Prologue

Inspired by Frank Ocean and NAO, Shir Sol Evans creates experimental R&B with heaps of musical depth. The New single ‘Mayla’s Perspective: A Prologue’ (A prologue to Shir’s upcoming 2 part album) delivers on multiple levels. From the moving dance beat to the pulsing watery synths and the biting guitar line, Shir effortlessly creates a breathtaking etherial landscape under a mega catchy female lead vocals and his intermittent, ultra relaxed flow. 

The 2.45 breakdown is what really gives this rack it’s edge – somewhat unexpected but effortlessly cool and equally affecting this minute long breakdown somehow gives the rest of the track more context and more impact.


96 Zeus – Kids (feat. Michael Kraun)

US born, Norway based Indie-Electro artist 96 Zeus brings a hypnotic blend of Hip-Hop and Indie Rock on the new single ‘Kids’. Teaming up with Alternative Hip-Hop producer and rapper Michael Kraun, the pair create a super chill, Gorillaz-esque sound. The deep bass, strummed electric and crunchy beats blend flawlessly creating an effortlessly dreamy soundscape as 96 Zeus’s boxy, reverb soaked vocals float over the music before Michael’s close to the mic rapping takes centre stage.


Becky Krill – Bubble

American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Becky Krill’s new single ‘Bubble’ brings together an air of Pop-Punk whilst still keeping with it’s Katie Tunstel-esque of upbeat yet biting acoustic Pop. Bringing together acoustic guitar with layers of drums, grooving bass and layers of strings and vocal harmonies under her ultra-natural vocals ‘Bubble’, Becky contrasts the uplifting instrumentation with her sarcastic vocal delivery.

Lyrically, the song explores how gender, race & overall identities can put people in harm’s way and encourages everyone to stand up to bullies, racists, chauvinists & oppressors of all kinds.


Andrei Lucas – 90’s Summer Cool

To close us out, London based, Romanian Electro-Pop artist Andrei Lucas taps into 90’s pop with his new single ’90s Summer Cool’. While 90’s pop has a bad rep among many muso’s (sometimes rightly so), Andrei captures all of the good bits in one neat little package sprinkled with modern production to keep it contemporary. An upbeat summer vibe with funky grooves, a catchy vocal line and just the right amount of cheese, Andrei effortlessly creates his own sound whilst referencing some of his favourite tunes.

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