Rising songwriter Emilia Tarrant embraces her emotions with ‘Here You Are, Again’

Following a long-awaited live show at London’s iconic Old Blue Last, we’re reviewing Emilia Tarrant’s latest single ‘Here You Are, Again’. It’s solid songwriting from start to finish with a quintessential Britishness that represents the best of what this country has to offer. Maybe we’re being swept up in the Olympics pride, but whatever the reason, we’re really excited about the journey that young Tarrant is embarking upon. Her early career launch, with big pick up across the online world and streaming platforms, is showing all the signs of a promising future. While we look to the future, Emilia Tarrant also looks to the past, putting it behind her.

“‘Here You Are, Again’ is a song brought on from the drop of my mental state after just entering the second lockdown of last year. After experiencing this collapse in emotion multiple times (one day feeling content, and the next, real sadness) I realised that mental health comes and goes as it pleases.  It’s really tiring, and something I had hoped wouldn’t last forever, hence the lyric: ‘maybe I was a lil naive to believe that it would be that easy’. Whether it is mental health, a complicated relationship, or the recent ups and downs of the pandemic, I feel the song is relatable to anyone who struggles with the repetitive nature of life.”

Watch the video for Emilia Tarrant’s ‘Here You Are, Again’ below.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4gzOZtSXh8%5B/embedyt%5D

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