Alt-Pop Singer Songwriter RAEYA Shares ‘Just Wanna Say’

Alt-Pop artist RAEYA returns with her floating new single ‘Just Wanna Say’, an ambient yet catchy and impactful single packed with breathtaking moments.

Bringing together elements of Indie, Electronica, Pop and even Folk, RAEYA perfectly strikes the balance between instrumental beauty and commercial appeal, all without sounding forced or calculated. Effortlessly flowing from section to section in a dreamy haze of soft instrumentation, the etherial soundscape of ambient synths, choppy vocal samples, delicate picked guitar lines and muted beats are like a pillow around her Taylour Swift-esque vocals. Like a slightly more Pop focused The Japanese House, ‘Just Wanna Say’ shows a lot of potential.

Speaking on the new single RAEYA said: “I wrote this song after going through a series of painful events over a span of several years and it felt like the pain and hard times would never end. This song was inspired by my story, and I wanted to write something that would give hope and encouragement to other people out there too.”

Watch the video for ‘Just Wanna Say’ below:



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