Dutch Criminal Record are back with a silky sound of summer love in their latest single ‘Return to Dust’

Following on from their upbeat hit ‘Feel Good’ released last summer, indie-pop trio Dutch Criminal Record are back with a delicate guitar melody and silky vocals in their new single ‘Return to Dust’, taking you on a blissful journey of love and nostalgia.

The south-coast based band members Joe Frampton, Joe Delaney-Stone and Sam Thrussell create a soundscape of ambient guitar loops and soft vocals as they tell a tale of falling in love. Joe Frampton, the drummer of the popular indie band, begins the song with a soft beat and steady rhythm as the guitar melody created by Sam and Joe kicks in and fills the song with a dreamy euphoria.

Recalling the moment they named the love-song ‘Return to Dust’, Dutch Criminal Record were inspired by “poetic imagery” found in the bible and were reflective upon how the title “resembles a biblical phrase” that takes on an innovative form of story-telling and adds a deeper sentiment to the harmonious guitar melodies and vocals.

Taking on creative inspiration from indie icons Vampire Weekend and Radiohead, ‘Return to Dust’ provides a sweet soundtrack to your summer romance and vocally embarks on a soothing exploration into the vulnerability of love.

Taking a closer look behind the making of ‘Return to Dust’, band member Sam remembers how he wrote the emotive lyrics during the first lockdown in the pandemic. With the creative aim to convey requited love and hopes, the gentle vocals also vulnerably portrays the mixed states of confusion and fear that falling in love entails in the early stages of romance.

Currently embarking on their successful first UK tour after the pandemic, Dutch Criminal Record are set to release more new music this year, keep your eyes peeled! To keep up to date with new music from the band, you can listen on all platforms below:

Spotify | Soundcloud | YouTube

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  1. Fantastic review, need to give this a listen now!

  2. Excited to hear more from this ‘feel good’ band after this great write up? Loving the latest single?

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