The High End Pack is the newest project by Toronto-based rapper, Patrik Kabongo

Released today, The High End Pack is the latest 8-track project from Toronto-based rapper, Patrik Kabongo who has earned a name for himself for his original yet relatable rap tunes and his ear for a wicked beat and versatile flow. Eager to flex for his ever-growing fanbase, Kabongo exhibits all his skills on this record, making for an enthralling listen from start to finish.

Featuring the fiery track ‘98 Degrees’ as its stand-out single, The High End Pack is unlike any other summer anthem out there. Refusing to lean into bright and bubbly tropical-themed sounds, Kabongo stays true to his style with this moody and sophisticated hip-hop gem. 

Accented by clean trap beats, pounding 808’s and subtly distorted vocals, The High-End Project is Patrik Kabongo’s playground of sound, in which genres are bent, rules are broken and magic is made. Sonically intriguing and wholly unique, this project is a magnificent offering from Kabongo, who continues to exceed all expectations with each dynamic and expertly curated release.

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