McLeish & Spencer Bring Back 90’s Alt-Rock Vibes On New Single ‘Falling Away’

Since signing to Novium Records (a label run by firm favourites Dutch Criminal Record), Chichester duo McLeish & Spencer have truly established themselves as ones to watch. With only two releases under their belt, May’s ‘I Remember ‘ and now the glittery new single ‘Falling Away’, Matt and Ewan demonstrate the complete nature of their sound despite being a relatively new band. 

Like a time capsule back to the days of early Radiohead, ‘Falling Away’ opens with a bright, instantly infectious guitar riff. Ewan’s Jeff Buckley-esque effortless vocals float in emphasising the melancholic tone of the track, while gently strummed acoustics and a swaying bass and drum beat ebb and flow underneath. On ‘Falling Away’ the duo expertly capture an essence of 90’s Alt-Rock whilst still retaining a fresh and breezy edge.

Speaking about the new single, McLeish & Spencer explain: “Falling Away is a reflection of the ever changing dynamics in a relationship, romantic or friendship, and how they evolve as we grow older and look to develop ourselves.”

Listen to ‘Falling Away’ below.

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