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Every now and then, an album drops out of nowhere and changes the life of the listener forever, each single with a different and personal meaning to every single person that listens – and what a truly incredible thing that is!

The self-titled debut album from London-based retro-pop band Silvertwin will do exactly that, it will hold a special place in the hearts of their vastly growing fanbase forever.

Full of highly energetic, foot-thumpingly addictive guitar twangs and hooks reminiscent of the 60s bops and bangers of that period in time that they draw inspiration from. The quintet makes you feel deeply nostalgic, they make you want to relive a point in time that we never stepped foot in, and puts us in awe that our ears are lucky enough to listen to this masterpiece.”

Frontman Isaac Shalam set out to create “an album of timeless songwriting” with the consistent theme of the album drawing on experiences of young love and the emotions and feelings around it. Shalom formed Silvertwin while at college in London, and the band consists of Alicia Barisani, Dan Edery, Lauric Mackintosh and Antonio Naccache.

The album, recorded in both Electro-vox Studios in LA and Abbey Road Studios in London, is produced by Jonathan Rado (The Flaming Lips / The Killers / Father John Misty) kicks off with the band’s single Ploy. “Ploy” is kind of about the insecurity or paranoia that comes with a blooming relationship,” says Shalam. “I suppose initially I thought of the riff as my attempt at trying to write something Beach Boys-esque”

A huge favourite on the album has to be “You Only” – with an aptly joyful music video shot in Super 8 footage to emulate the 60s style. The original vibraphone Brian Wilson used while recording ‘Pet Sounds’ is also featured in the single, Brian Wilson is a huge inspiration and hero for frontman Shalam; so you can only imagine how special that must have been in the recording studio.

The album concludes with Driving Me Wild a romantic, harmonic, and peaceful single with a delicate outro – before you get sucked back into playing the entire album all over again.

A sublime Silvertwin album worthy of platinum recognition.

The band perform an album release show at Sebright Arms, London on Thursday 5th August. Information and tickets can be found here.

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