Colours of the Sun is Peak Futures adventurous soul-rock album

It seems like a world away since we first spoke to Peak Futures, so many has changed and so much music has been released, including the band’s first album – Colours of the Sun. Just as described in our interview with PF’s founder Chris Hills, this 8-track compilation is “Soulful, unfiltered. Ambitious but humble,” a description that could be specifically applied to the opening song ‘Orion’. With a stunning cast of musicians, vocalists and producers, it certainly has been an ambitious project, one that began in early 2020, when Hills with Sara De Santis (piano), Joe Bernie (vocals), Pauli the PSM (drums), Eva Brooks (vocals) and Rebecca Freckleton (vocals) first began recording the album. Last December, they released ‘Tapestry’ an outrageously upbeat single led by the old-school soul of singer Joe Bernie who opens up the listener’s heart to the infinity of the earth and the preciousness of life. This theme of how expansive and powerful the world and therefore universe is carries right on through third track ‘Makes Me Wonder’ featuring Eva Brooks’ smoky vocals and into the spacey ‘Andromeda’ before we land back on the ground for ‘Broadway’, a bluesy tale of life in New York City. Don’t worry though, we don’t stay rooted for long as ‘Juno’ unleashes the adventurous spirit of the collective who seemingly improvise their way through this one. Second to last is ‘The Tide’ featuring Rebecca Freckleton which replicates the ebb and flow of the ocean, sometimes steady, sometimes crashing, but utterly awe-inspiring. Last but not least is ‘Orion’ part two with drummer and rapper Pauli The PSM front-and-centre alongside a repeat performance from Bernie. We know it’s a compliment to say that an album left us wanting more, but honestly Colours of the Sun is so satisfying that by the end, we’re sure in the knowledge that we’ve come to the end of a journey. Give it five and then dive back in.

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