Berywam are back with high tempo dance hit “Give It Up”

The artists who are no stranger to the Spotlight, already have a plethora of achievements . As winner of the 2018 BeatBox World Championships the artists are known for their serious talent.

With a Tik Tok following of six million and a successful stint on hit US tv show America’s Got Talent. Berywam are Back with an infectious new single in the classic jam ‘Give It Up’.

Now with their sights fully set on musical ambition, much to the admiration of their six million Tik Tok followers. The new single feels like classic Berywam, it’s quirky, uptempo and a song you can’t help but dance to.

The beat is a blend of dance Pop and electro, sprinkled with some well placed beat boxing in the background. The guys have really utilised being in a band. They work so well together and it’s obvious to hear on the record. Keeping consistent with their style and energy their music feel like a true extension of them, it’s organic and feels natural. Mixed incredibly well, the vocals pan just behind the beat making for a lush radio ready sound.

The chorus also feels well built up with lush layered vocals. The intention being to release a full body of work this year. Berywam are well on their way in this latest single, they appear to have found their unique sound and it’s exciting to see where this will lead.

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