Genevieve Miles shines on jazzy, indie-pop number, ‘Storm Before’

Following on from the release of ‘Magic Man’ last year, Birmingham’s very own breakthrough star Genevieve Miles returns to serve her growing fanbase another sweet slice of her innovative indie-pop. Now at 21 years of age, ‘Storm Before’ demonstrates Genevieve’s growing maturity in her songwriting, seeing her begin to openly embrace her darker side, taking on more jazzy and psychedelic elements, inspired by the likes of BADBADNOTGOOD and Crumb.

Produced by Carlos de Los Santos (Neon Islands, Simple Fiction), ‘Storm Before’ is a unique and refreshing take to contemporary alt-pop which sees Genevieve’s distinctly British sounding vocals shine through a subtly soulful instrumental accented by luscious sax’ solos and undulating synth lines.

Speaking of this personal and creative development and how that’s essential to ‘Storm Before’, Genevieve Miles shares:

“This song is a special one, it really sounds like my soul. First off, it’s a love song, but looking back at it now I’m also talking about the long cyclical process of healing. ‘This rain could not compare to the storm that came before last summer’: healing and growth never end and when pain randomly comes up again, even though it’s hard each time, maybe it’s a little different, a little better than the time before, cause you’ve learnt so much since then, you have so many new tools to work with and look after yourself.”


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