John Murry releases dark & introspective new single ‘Oscar Wilde’

Mississippi-born singer-songwriter John Murry returns to unveil his latest dark and introspective new single, ‘Oscar Wilde’ (I Came Here to Make Fun of You), which is sure to leave a lasting impression long after the last, hazy note.

A seasoned musician, performer and guitarist, John Murry is no stranger to the industry, boasting an impressive discography of 3 quietly popular albums and a number of singles, with a fourth album on the way, The Stars Are God’s Bullet Holes.

In the lead up to the album release John Murry hopes to continue on his path to success with the release of the unforgettable lead single, ‘Oscar Wilde’; which effortlessly blends his signature, melancholy, self-deprecating lyrics with folky instrumentation and characteristically bleak, Americana-style songwriting. Treading the fine line between the comedic and the serious, the ‘Oscar Wilde’ single, much like the iconic Irish writer for whom the song is named after, has a bit of a twisted sense of funny.

Written with a critical eye and a heart hardened by the seemingly senseless cruelty of the world, John Murry’s track is more than just a sad folk song to sing along to, ‘Oscar Wilde’ is also an allegorical story and an impressively detailed and equally depressing social commentary about humans tendency towards violence and greed.

Speaking on his release, John Murry reveals:

“Violence has been a big part of my life. It has been inflicted on me in ways that I was unable to control as a teenager, and as a child. I grew up in a place that was violent. I grew up in Mississippi. I grew up in a way that forced me, in order to survive in a culture like that, to posture. You don’t realise until later that that becomes a part of the way you see the world. The world becomes this intrusive thing and you’re protecting yourself against it. I also realised early on that if you don’t fight you’re just going to have to fight more.”

By fusing his love for storyteller style songwriting and Folk/ Americana music, John Murry creates his own distinct soundscapes filled with lazy guitar chords, pared-back percussion, lyrical vulnerability and socially and politically conscious narratives inspired by these trying times.

Look out for John Murry’s upcoming album, The Stars Are God’s Bullet Holes set for release on June 26 by Submarine Cat Records.

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