LINK drops dance floor filler ‘I WANT YOU’

Bringing the sounds of 2000 to the present day, producer LINK has returned with latest single ‘I WANT YOU’, taken directly from his upcoming EP Turbo. The first of 6 tunes in total, ‘I WANT YOU’ is filled with LINKS old school rave memories and sounds which he has now extracted and embedded into this latest release. A vigorous and immediate start, ‘I WANT YOU’ contains crisp clipped drums claps, pitched vocals and a driving, escalating fully charged bass.  One for the rave scene, don’t sleep on this upcoming EP which is sure to get you up and ready to dance your heart out.

“I feel like good music has a part of a person in it, and with each track I collected and syphoned my memories and feelings and put them into them.” – LINK


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