Galactic Dust are shooting for the stars with the release of their latest single, ‘The Pizza Song’.

With a saucy song about pizza, their names wafting around like the smell of freshly baked dough, and a cool retro music video to boot, Galactic Dust are shooting for the stars with the release of their latest single, ‘The Pizza Song’.

Entirely self-written, played, produced and mixed, ‘The Pizza Song’ is an absolutely genius group project by the North London-based DIY band who have been performing together since their formation in 2018.

Slathered in playful key chords, groovy synth lines, a funky-fuelled bassline and a sprinkle of Noam’s incredibly sultry vocals, these are the finger-licking toppings that make ‘The Pizza Song’ so irresistibly good.

Speaking on the secret message behind their release, the band share:

“The pizza song is a track that melts humour with seriousness and self-derision with empowerment. It presents Noam in a leading role with sexy and liberating lyrics.  She appropriates codes of seduction, explicitly expressing her desires, pleasures and weaknesses with no filter. The point of the song is to give Noam a voice that is not often offered to many female artists in popular music.

‘The Pizza Song’ is fun, sexy, genuine, unapologetic and in-charge and Noam is the sassy front-woman at the helm of it all, telling the boys what to do and defining the relationship in the way she wants to, with confidence, elegance, style and humour. The music video reflects our [Galactic Dust’s] will to disrupt the usual imagery attached to women in pop culture. The barrier between male and female representation is broken down in the video as the male band members are given traditionally feminine roles, supporting and backing their front-lady. The ‘pizza bath’ scene especially offers a vignette of us all and how we juxtapose sexual magnetism with humour and personality.”

On the surface, ‘The Pizza Song’ seems like a cheesy tune about everyone’s favourite food but through the clever songwriting of Galactic Dust and Noam’s eye for set design and visuals, the band have transformed a novelty song into a genuine social commentary that dissects female body, desirability and sex.

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