Model turned musician, Andreww is back with his highly-anticipated sophomore single, ‘Medusa’

Turning his talents and good looks to music, model turned musician Andreww (Louis Vuitton, Dior, Versace and Valentino) is back with his highly-anticipated sophomore single, ‘Medusa’.

The track follows on from Andreww’s debut single, ‘Talking To Myself’, released late last year and judging by the numbers it did (35k+ Spotify streams and 84k+ Youtube views), ‘Medusa’ is likely to follow on the same trajectory.

Speaking on his release, Andreww explains the message behind his newest single:


“As much as people didn’t want to look at Medusa they still did. It’s the same with toxic relationships. No matter how bad they are for you, you can’t help but stay in them. ‘Medusa’ is about these toxic relationships and all the two-faced feelings that come with them. The inner conflict also reflects in the music; clashing trap, grunge and pop against each other kind of shows that things that sometimes aren’t meant to go together, still end up staying together.”


Tapping Berlin-based talent Markus Ganter for production, the pair fused influences from 90s hip-hop, trap, grunge and pop together to create the hybrid, genre-bending instrumental that makes ‘Medusa’ such a unique offering. By combining a number of seemingly mismatched styles, the duo created a kind of musical metaphor for the chaos and irresistible pull of a toxic relationship. The resulting sound is definite yet dynamic, a direct juxtaposition of the uncertainty, angst and inner-turmoil expressed in Andreww’s all-too-relatable lyrics.


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