Get ready to get lost in the dark and mysterious sounds of rising Norwegian electronic music artist MAUD, in her latest single, ‘Baby Girl’

The multi-hyphenated Kristiansand’s University of Agder graduate is a seasoned singer, songwriter and producer whose talents have not gone unnoticed. Discovered by director Achal Dhillon, MAUD was swiftly signed to Killing Moon records back in June of 2019 off the strength of one of her live performances in her hometown, leading to the release of MAUD’s first single ‘Real’ released in early 2020, followed by ‘Bad Things’, the first single to be taken from her upcoming, debut album set to be released later this year.


The ‘Bad Things’ single and video were a hit with fans and press alike, gaining coverage from of Music Crowns, Chalkpit and Whatthefunk as well as landing MAUD the cover for Deezer’s ‘New Electronic’ playlist. Now, with the second teaser track from her highly anticipated album, MAUD offers a similarly dark and atmospheric soundscape made up of deep, penetrating synth lines, powerful electronic drum beats and distorted vocals, which all come together to give ‘Baby Girl’ that gritty, sinister flare that MAUD has come to associated with.


Introspective and vulnerable, the lyrics to ‘Baby Girl’ incorporate feelings of loneliness, frustration and restlessness as MAUD discusses her experiences with moving around a lot and leaving those closest to her behind to carve out her own path. The visuals to ‘Baby Girl’ echo her sentiments, switching between close-up shots of Maud’s distorted face and inverted colour, desolate landscapes. The images are disjointed and confusing, much like the state of mind Maud was in during this period of her life. Yet, amongst the shadows of uncertainty, she finds a silver lining in the beauty and bravery of what catapulting yourself out of your comfort zone can do for your confidence and self-growth.


Speaking on the message behind ‘Baby Girl’ MAUD shares that: 

“Baby Girl is an ode to becoming an adult. These stages of life can be filled with a lot of uncertainty and restlessness because we don’t know yet who we are or who we’re going to be”.

Keep up with Maud below:

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