Emanuel’s Alt Therapy Session 2: Transformation is a masterpiece

2020 has been full to the brim with new music and at this time of year we’re weighing up our options for which new cover song and hotly-tipped collab we will be adding to our festive playlists, but when you need a break from all those shooting star wishes, snow scenes and the improbability of Santa Claus, then we have just the thing for you.

Emanuel’s Alt Therapy Session 2: Transformation is as much of a piece of art as it sounds. If we could hang this EP up in a gallery we would. It’s quite suiting then that the cover artwork for the EP is a stunning abstract impressionist painting that conveys the record’s central song – ‘Black Woman’.

However, before we jump ahead, let’s take a minute to appreciate Session 2‘s opening single ‘Magazines’. Beginning with a distant keyboard and Emanuel’s raw vocal, this is a song of lamenting the past and breaking away from a toxic relationship. What we love most about this song is the disassociated dreaminess that we get through the singer’s downplayed vocals and laid-back instrumentations. It’s almost like Emanuel is riffing on his feelings while the session band plays around, and it’s magic. In the last minute of ‘Moments’, everything comes together in a resplendent crescendo, signifying Emanuel’s emotional liberation from the past and vow to not be mistreated again.

Second on the EP is ‘Black Woman’, the official single that arrived earlier this year with a music video celebrating the unique beauty and magnetism of black women. It’s a soulful ballad that sends out an intimately personal message, one of healing.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZtEkVHEzvc%5B/embedyt%5D
Emanuel shared this summary of ‘Black Woman’ in the description of the music video: 
“The song is about reconciliation and also celebration, celebrating how strong our women are and how they hold us up. People might think this song was written as a response to the moment right now but it’s saying the exact same thing it was saying when it was written a year ago: ‘I see you, I recognize you, I appreciate you and I love you.’ “
From here, we head into ‘PTH’, proving that it’s true the third time is indeed the charm. ‘PTH’ is a carnal and purely-intentioned appreciation of female sexuality seen through the experience of Emanuel himself. The production on this track is also so seductive; it smoothly blends together funk, soul and R&B, which as we all know, are the three sexiest genres out there. Emanuel doesn’t hold back on this one, especially with his vocal range which has to be heard to be believed.
Closing out the EP is a return to ‘Black Woman’, however, not as you’ve heard before. For this special remix, Emanuel has teamed up with award-winning producer Supa Dups and reggae icon Tarrus Riley. This collaboration spins this track into a whole new dimension and we can’t get enough of this super dubby and vibey listen.
If you want to extend this sultry R&B dive, then do check out Emanuel’s first EP, Alt Therapy Session 1: Disillusion here.

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