Newcomer Shopé unveils his colourful and joyous new music video for his hit single, ‘Rikiki’

In the video, Shopé showcases his impressive ability to switch between Yoruba, Pidgin English and English with incredible speed and accuracy. This bold display of bilingualism is no accident though, as a proud Nigerian-Canadian, Shopé embraces all parts of his culture just as they have embraced him and ‘Rikiki’ is dedicated to celebrating his dual heritage.


“RIKIKI is my contribution to bridging my western identity with the motherland. It is a project for those in the African diaspora. Although a self-coined term, the song (and eponymously titled EP) is an expression of a fierce, deep-rooted confidence that took me so long to develop. Simply put, ‘Rikiki’ is meant to communicate confidence, courage, boldness…not caring what others are doing/thinking/saying about you. Simply being strong enough to be you.”


The Rikiki visuals introduce us to a Shopé who is full of confidence, charisma and talent – unashamed of who he is and where he comes from. Unknowingly, just by embracing himself and all he is, Shopé indirectly gives others the opportunity to do the same. By blending the sounds of his home town of Lagos with the influences taken from his residency in Toronto, Shopé has created an Afro-fusion feast for the ears filled with earthy sounds of hand-beaten drums, a pulsing bassline and distant sounds of shekeres.

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