Just John’s This Is Fate EP is more than just a collection of songs, it’s an immersive, visual experience. 

Three tracks long, Just John’s This is Fate EP is a carefully crafted collection of raw, outspoken and thought-provoking songs that reveal the innermost thoughts and feelings of Just John, through his own, beautifully twisted lens. Cleverly written and produced, the visual EP plays out as a ghoulish narrative tinged with equal amounts of light as it is darkness and as much hope as there is despair. The EP is a story that takes you through John’s internal battle with his demons in a tale of transformation and glorious rebirth. For John to reach liberation, he has to first shed layers of his ugly past, ultimately being forced to lean into his shadows to finally reach the light. It is then that he’s further confronted with letting go and accepting the unknown in order to actualize his most authentic and empowered form.


Through this EP, Just John has brought about a refreshing new energy and outlook to the musical landscape. In his genre-bending singles, the Toronto native incorporates his signature new-age, punk rap style with rebellious aspects of classic, British punk- rock and combines it with distorted sounds, electric guitars, and a big, rumbling bass. The resulting sound is one that’s entirely original and authentically his. In all the best ways possible, This Is Fate is a sound unlike any you’ve heard before, with some insanely well-produced visuals to match. The EP is more than just a collection of songs, it’s an immersive, nail-biting experience that takes you on a journey through hell and back, then makes you want to do it all over again.



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