Asha Gold deserves an ‘Oscar’ with latest award worthy performance.

With an impressive list of achievements for a still-blossoming career, as well as the support of a record label and the likes of Earmilk, When The Horn Blows and Reignland, London’s Asha Gold is steadily climbing the stairway of success.

Her previous singles, ‘Too Good’, ‘Passenger’ and ‘Debut’ have proven her to be a versatile artist and an accomplished songwriter, able to convey meaning and emotion through enchanting vocals, woven into smooth R&B and electro-pop-productions. Now, Asha Gold steps forward to release her anticipated fourth single, ‘Oscar’, a delicious slice of contemporary R&B drizzled with fresh pop production and laid over a glossy, vintage-style music video.

Asha’s stunning vocals allow for a raw and emotive exploration of heartbreak, loss, lies and infidelity through cleverly written and characteristically relatable lyricism. Fuelled by honest emotion and a delicate vulnerability, ‘Oscar is a wonderfully layered track both in meaning and in sonic texture, utilising off-kilter electronic sounds to accent the old-school R&B melodies that underpin the song as a whole.

“I wrote this song a long time ago in my bedroom, deciding to tell the same story from three different perspectives – one verse for each character. The metaphor of cinema reflects the deception and pretence taking place: somebody here is so good at lying that they deserve an Oscar for their performance.”

– Asha Gold

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