Alex Frew stuns fans yet again, this time with the acoustic rendition of his ever-popular, stand out single ‘Antisocial Love Song’ featuring A is for Arrows.

Canada’s rising teen pop sensation Alex Frew makes yet another welcomed return to the airwaves, this time with the acoustic rendition of his breakout single, ‘Antisocial Love Song’ featuring fellow singer-songwriter A is for Arrows. The release follows on from Frew’s debut single, ‘Get Out Alive’ and of course, the original version of ‘Antisocial Love Song’, released earlier this year to significant praise from the likes of Mahogany, Talk About Pop Music, POPMUZIK and CULTR, to name but a few.

Now, offering fans a more intimate, pared-back performance, Frew ditches the melodic dream-pop beats for a simple guitar and microphone, resulting in a dreamlike, lovesick serenade as he mentally pivots between wanting to be alone and hoping to find love. ‘Antisocial Love Song’ gained a reputation for being an angsty, teen pop song and Frew a purveyor said music but the release of the acoustic version brings a previously unseen and much-appreciated depth to the song, as well as revealing a more mature side of Alex Frew.

Still in his teen years, Frew has made significant leaps and bounds in his music career already, making a name for himself as a singer-songwriter that wears his heart on his sleeve and isn’t afraid to make music that’s emotionally raw and personally revealing. The acoustic version of ‘Antisocial Love Song’ could be a glimpse into what Frew has in store for his fans as he matures and grows both as a man and a musician.


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