NEW MUSIC: Alex Lleo – Starve

Coming straight from the core of Brooklyn’s music scene, singer-songwriter Alex Lleo is a breath of fresh air in the contemporary rock scene. After focusing on performing in 2019 with an extensive UK tour culminating in a headline show at London’s St. Pancras Old Church, Alex returns to songwriting side of things releasing three singles in 2020. The latest addition to his repertoire is the single ‘Starve’.



“It’s crazy how a random Instagram hashtag set the groundwork for this new project. After a busy 18 months, I became pretty drained in terms of creativity. Right around that time, I received a message from another artist out in Brooklyn…He told me about Dodge 112, a studio his friends had said up in downtown Brooklyn. He said if I could ever find a way out there, they’d be happy to help me out. We continued to flesh out more arrangements over email and I was introduced to the studio chief and producer Sahil Ansari… Five weeks and fifty sofas later, I feel we captured the honest sound I was so desperate for.” – Alex Lleo on ‘Starve’

Touching on themes of wanderlust, carefree attitudes and confidence in change, ‘Starve’ is warm, emotional and engaging. Bringing a breeze of folk into a simple rock ballad, Alex encapsulates the laid back, dreamy approach to adventure, but with an exploration of the fear and anxiety that comes with embarking on a new journey.

Sonically, ‘Starve’ embraces the wistful poignancy of personal experiences using a steady beat and dynamic guitar; however, the lyrics increase the honesty and sentimentality of the track. Reminiscent of James Blunt and Hozier, Alex’s vocals are bold and compelling but with a strong sincerity. Tender and comforting, ‘Starve’ is soulful, heartwarming and overwhelmingly earnest.


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