NEW MUSIC: Tara Hack – Let Go

She began her music career busking in the train stations of New York City playing for thousands of commuters; now, she collaborating with notable producers and receiving airtime on radio stations like Sirius XM. Described by Sid Rosenberg of WABC as “the best”, Tara Hack is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter with a lot of attitude, passion and sincerity. The latest single from this talented songstress is ‘Let Go’.



Influenced greatly by the work of Avril Lavigne, Tara Hack decided to compose a tribute song for the Canadian pop-rock/alternative rock artist. A bittersweet love song, ‘Let Go’ touches on devotion, addiction (of a sort) and frustration when knowing it is best to “let go” but not being able to. Similar to many Avril Lavigne songs exploring the pain of heartache, ‘Let Go’ exudes desperation, pain and inner conflict.

Recorded with Grammy Award-winning producer Craig Alvin at Abbey Road Studios, ‘Let Go’ is a beautifully mastered track with an elegant layering of vocals and instrumentation. Yet, while the instrumentation is graceful and moving, it is Tara’s vocals that steal the show. Reminiscent of her beloved Avril Lavigne, Tara’s voice is sweet, smooth and heartwarming enhancing the passion and poignancy of the track.


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