NEW MUSIC: Annika Jayne – Leaves In Autumn (Piano Version)

Known for her heartfelt, insightful and raw honesty, folk artist Annika Jayne is touching lives across the globe with her soulful music. A multilingual individual, Annika is unique in that she uses German, English and French lyrics in her songs; however, it is not the multilingualism of the tracks that make her unique and engaging. It is the sincerity of each single and the joy it triggers that makes her hypnotic. ‘Leaves In Autumn (Piano Version)’ is the latest addition to her growing repertoire.



The oldest track from her EP Time To Spread Your Wings, ‘Leaves To Autumn’ is a melodic and moving track. Written several years ago – in fact, it was over 20 years ago – ‘Leaves To Autumn’ is a nostalgic single but questioning whether it is best to leave the past in the past or reignite previous situations. Looking at reflection, introspection and the consequential confusion, the single is moving and quite heartwrenching.

“I wrote a first version on New Year’s Eve of 1994/1995. It was actually snowing outside and I let my mind travel to the past – which is not uncommon on New Year’s Eve. You go back and reflect on things that happened in the year…I went back further and it made me think of friends that I had lost contact with. I began wondering what would it be like to see them again. Would it be like we never parted? All my memories became like colourful leaves in autumn that day.” – Annika Jayne on ‘Leaves In Autumn’

The initial version of ‘Leaves In Autumn’ includes Annika’s well-known acoustic guitar-led music, but she decided to create a piano version of the track to enhance the concept sonically. While Annika does not play the instruments in this piano version, her simple and soothing vocals meld well with the easy piano and strings section.

Side note: the musicians include Dmytro Startsev on piano, Carolina Teurel on cello, Jessie Morgan on violin.

Collaborating with producer Amr Essam on the track, ‘Leaves In Autumn’ is a well-arranged single with tranquil overtones and brilliant layering. Annika described the memories as being “so colourful, whirling all around, drifting and swirling to the ground” – I like to believe that you feel this swirling sensation as she takes you on a light journey from beginning to end.


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