Listen to Emanuel’s latest smooth, sweet and rich new single ‘Black Woman’

Toronto’s rising R&B star Emanuel has been on a steady rise to international fame since the release of his debut single ‘Need You’ earlier this year, the video for which was creatively directed by none other than famed British actor and DJ, Idris Elba. Since then, Emanuel has been unstoppable, his subsequent project and debut EP Session 1: Disillusion was a huge hit with fans and was featured in the pages of Colors, Earmilk, 1883 and Atwood magazine, a truly impressive feat for an artist still relatively new on the scene. 


Hoping to maintain his momentum of success, Emanuel returns to offer out his latest smooth, sweet and rich new single, ‘Black Woman’ with an accompanying music video directed by Jamar Harding. As the title of the single suggests, the track is indeed about Black women but rather than being a superficial song full of hollow praise with remarks on outward beauty and attraction, Emanuel creates a song that calls for the respect, honour and genuine appreciation of Black women the world over. 



“The biggest message I would want to be received by this song is ‘Wake up and see the queens around you and see these beautiful women and the work that they do and stop hindering them,” says Emanuel. “On a personal level, for other black men who have active black women in their lives or who encounter black women in their life, I hope this song inspires them to take stock to see if they hold any negative filters when they view black women, to take stock of how black women are treated, and to really appreciate them for who they are. The message of ‘Black Woman’ is a display of love to try to wake people up.” -Emanuel


Written over a year ago whilst on a trip to the Cayman Islands, Emanuel happened upon an old video of a conversation between James Baldwin and Nikki Giovanni that inspired the message behind ‘Black Woman’. The conversation made Emanuel reflect on the relationship he shares with Black women and how Black Women are viewed and treated, not just by Black men but by mankind as a whole. Black women are often at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to their status in society, they’re systemically underrepresented, under appreciated and undervalued by the world so Emanuel decided to attempt to remedy this through the creation of his song ‘Black Woman’.


As part of his own artist’s manifesto, Emanuel has vowed to himself and his fans to create music with substance. More than create music that just sounds good, Emanuel hopes to create songs that are impactful, healing, honest and profound and ‘Black Woman’ is all those things and so much more.


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