NEW MUSIC: Roma Rose – How To Feel

Having received coverage from BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio, Roadhouse Radio and She Makes Music, as well as performing at the El Dorado Festival and Innocent Fest, UK-based singer-songwriter Roma Rose is making waves with her unique and refreshing sound. After a short hiatus from the music scene, this beautiful songstress from Scotland has returned melding pop with folk. The most recent addition to her repertoire is the single ‘How To Feel’.



One of the tracks from her upcoming EP The Normal EP, Roma Rose touches on issues of vulnerability, internal fear and anxiety in ‘How To Feel’. A follow-up to the well-received ‘In My Head’, ‘How To Feel’ is darker, more sensitive and filled with raw honesty. Recorded with an entirely female team, The Normal EP was co-written and produced by Jessica Sharman and mixed by Isabel Gracefield during the lockdown using remote collaborations.

Building on her experience of a tough pregnancy and difficult labour, Roma Rose embraces all the emotions involved when dealing with challenging events. While it might not be called a simplistic song including textured synths and vocals, the femininity of ‘How To Feel’ takes you on a wistful journey through complex terrain. Furthermore, the dulcet vocals enhance a sensation of genuineness from Roma to the listener. Soothing yet sombre, ‘How To Feel’ is something to have on your playlist!



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